First day of school for us!

Hillary Lachman

Today my Facebook feed is FILLED with all the ADORABLE “first day of” pictures since most schools in our district started today.  It’s always bitter sweet to me… how can my baby be a first grader already? Many of you have been following me since I had a newborn and have watched her grow through pictures. I am so proud of the girl she has grown to be. She LOVES to read, do art (like me!), legos, see how things are built, take pictures and really wants a cat (I have been putting my foot down to that one!)

I can’t wait to see where she is at the end of this school year. Such high hopes for this girl.

Happy first day of school for all of you! Please make sure to PRINT those pictures you all took today so they can enjoy them when they are older!

first day of school picturesfirst day of school pictures