Remember when ‘selfies’ were called ‘family photos’ and they lived on walls, not in phones?

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I explain to everyone why I am a boutique photographer when we chat. I remember when my Grandma died and we went through tons of photos and got to see her life- all which was before I was born. I am so thankful I didn’t grow up in the digital age. My mom has been so good about making albums of our family as we have grown up. Imagine if all of that (like these days) was just sitting in a digital garbage can. Does digital have a benefit? YES! Absolutely. However, how do you enjoy them in 20 years? What happens if your hard drive dies and its not backed up? When my clients are hiring me to photograph them as a family, I am wanting them to look at their portraits on the wall, not on a tiny screen where they have to search to find them. I want them to have a beautiful fine art album that they will enjoy now and then pass down to their children when they’re gone.

Have you ever lost files from a portrait session? I know I have 🙁


There are several reasons why printing your portraits and placing them on the wall is important:

  1. Personalization: Having your own photos displayed on the walls of your home adds a personal touch and allows you to showcase your unique memories and experiences.

  2. Visual reminders: Displaying photos on the wall can serve as a visual reminder of special moments, people, and places in your life. This can help evoke positive emotions and memories each time you look at them.

  3. Decorative element: Photographs can serve as a beautiful and meaningful form of decoration in your home. They can add color, warmth, and personality to any room, and can be easily updated or changed to match your style. Plus you won’t end up tossing it into the donation pile in 2 years when your style changes.

  4. Conversation starters: Displaying photos on the wall can spark conversation with guests and visitors, allowing you to share stories and memories behind each photograph.

  5. Documenting history: Printed photos provide a physical representation of your personal history and can be passed down to future generations as a tangible record of your life and experiences.

Overall, printing and displaying your photos on the wall can enhance your living space, preserve memories, and create a warm and welcoming environment that reflects your personality and experiences.