Favorite spots to photograph families

I love photographing families all over San Diego. Everyone asks about some of my favorite spots. Here are a few to help you choose.

Please note that each location will vary with what you see here. The seasons affect it immensely and locations vary based on time of day, time of year, whether you do a morning or afternoon session, or if we have had rain lately.

Heritage Park

One of my absolute most favorite locations to photograph families. Early morning has beautiful light on one side, and afternoon light has light coming through the trees. Mornings are quiet and this is a great spot for children who get easily distracted.

Petco Park

As long as there isn’t an event happenings- this is a spot I photograph families at all the time. It provides a big variety such as textured walls, looking into the stadium and grassy spots. Early morning is best for little kids but afternoon gives us some nice shade. I also like to walk around surrounding areas.

Mission Trails

There are SO many wonderful spots in Mission Trails to photograph your family at. I would advise staying away if your baby isn’t walking as i don’t like putting babies down on the dirt. I also advise you to be extremely cautious of doing your session where there are high weeds as rattlesnakes are seen quite often. I have been shooting less and less over there because of this reason.

Your Home

My absolute most favorite spot- your home. Whether it’s on your front porch, or inside your home, or on your street — it’s my favorite. I love the relaxed feeling and that its comfortable for people.

Of course I photograph families at many other locations. These are just the most popular!