When was your last generational portrait? – San Diego family photographer

Hillary Gustaveson

I have been friends with this wonderful family since I moved to San Diego when in 1986. Ya.. long time ago. I have been photographing little R whenever I needed a model for an ad for years 🙂 I realized I hadn’t photographed a generational portrait in quite some time and am SO happy I was able to get the 4 beautiful ladies to document their relationship together. I am pretty sure Great Grandma (who mind you is 86… can you believe that?!!) not only appreciates having a portrait with her girls, but little R will be able to look back when she’s older and see the stunning ladies in her family all together!

Thank you ladies for allowing me to borrow you!

Want your own generational portrait? What are you waiting for? My Mother’s day promotion is around the corner and now is a better time then ever to get the family together!