Welcome to the world baby Quaid!

150 150 Hillary Lachman

My friend (from KINDERGARTEN!) and her husband just had their 2nd baby, Quaid, yesterday! He’s just precious. He wanted to come visit a little early so he’s being monitored but all will be ok 🙂  I love newborns. They are just the sweetest things ever.  Feel free to leave comments…we love comments!

He has a cute little welcome sign on his bassinette

His little feet were poppin out of the blanket…soo cute

The double chin is just too cute.

Mommy loving him. By the way… she looked as if she just came from a restful weekend or something… her hair was all pretty and makeup on… amazing for just have given BIRTH!

Big brother Douglas with his big brother visitor tag

This totally could be him saying “I’ll show YOU how quickly I get home!”

Then he says “oh whoa.. hold up…I don’t get to live in my warm spot I’ve been living in for the past few months?!”

So cute 🙂

Congrats guys… we are so happy for you and your family 🙂