You’re such a greenie…

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If you haven’t been able to tell, I’m somewhat of a green person. All my cleaning products are natural (still trying to figure out how to “dispose” of all the harsh stuff) and all our baby items are to be organic and natural (as much as we can…) Anyway… here is a very cool site that if you are a coupon queen like me you will love!

Go go Seventh Generation’s website

Sign up and you will receive TONS of coupons (on their site–not on email like a lot of sites) for cleaning products, baby products, laundry etc… I am so excited now I can start stocking up on DIAPERS (and laundry detergent!)

I just had to share my joy and excitement with my readers…

Coming soon-pictures of Emma (shooting today) and knowing typical Emma, they will be adorable 🙂

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  • Sarah T

    A great way to get rid of your old cleaning chemicals is to donate them. Yes, they’ll still get used, but they’re waste at this point no matter what. Just avoid donating them to a health care facility or children’s space.

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