Project Heirloom….

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Project Heirloom. This is a site created by a local photographer. We have all teamed together to help those who have lost their homes and memories in the fires of 2007 create new family memories. We are doing free photo sessions for you if you have lost your home.
Thank you Melissa for creating the site… it looks wonderful.

“project heirloom is a collective of photographers offering free family portraits to those families who lost their homes in the san diego wildfires in october, 2007.

we understand how precious memories are and how upsetting is to have lost the photographs that memorialize the events of your life. to honor your courage and resilience, we would like to give you the gift of a new family heirloom.

this website contains a list of photographers who would love to take your family’s portrait. please contact the photographer of your choice directly through their website to schedule your free photo shoot. “

Please call me at 619-328-9918 or email [email protected] to discuss your session!