San Diego Maternity Photography

How to prepare for your newborn pictures
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Hooray! We’re all scheduled for your newborn portrait session! Now how to prepare? That’s the big question I always get asked is how to prepare for your session. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be all ready to go! Make sure to have your session scheduled before baby is due. Once your baby arrives, parents…

Benefits of an in home newborn portrait session
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The days all seem like a blur when baby is first born. You are barely sleeping, and when you do, you are woken up every hour to feed, change baby, pump.. yadayada list goes on and on. The thought of leaving home with a new baby is a bit daunting. You packing up extra clothes,…

Why you should document your pregnancy
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I hear it from so many expectant mothers. “I feel so huge right now….” “I don’t want to capture my huge belly right now!” “I’ll do it with the next pregnancy… I feel too fat with this one.” It really makes me sad when a Mom chooses not to capture their growing belly. Here are…

How to prepare for your maternity session
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Preparing for your maternity portrait session can be just as stressful as a regular portrait session if you aren’t prepared well in advance. Here are a few tips and tricks to have an easy session just by being prepared. Clothing choices: My favorite selection for clothing is to be comfortable and wear something very simple.…

Benefits of on-location maternity photography
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Aw! You’re pregnant! Such an exciting time. Now you have begun the process of finding a photographer for your pregnancy pictures. What an overwhelming process, I know. We have some amazingly talented photographers in our town to choose from. All of my sessions are on location. This means what I photograph you outside of a…

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