Hillary truly is an amazing artist who devotes a great deal of her time to creativity. This dedication is why Stills by Hill Photography is truly unparalleled.

She began her career in photography over 25 years ago when her family’s praise of a single photograph inspired her to learn and grow as an artist and photographer. She consistently seeks out the newest technology and implements design and photography developments while maintaining a timeless style that won’t date your fine art prints.

When you choose Stills by Hill Photography you aren’t choosing a company, you are choosing an artist that is consistently ranked one of the best photographers in the San Diego area. You are choosing a photographer that spends more time concerned with the way you look than you do when you get ready in the morning.

Hillary is an uncompromising artist that won’t shy away from explaining the often allusive ‘why’. She will act as a guide to help you document the things you always want to remember.

Hillary earned her degree from the Art Institute in interior design and uses these skills to help create beautiful wall galleries that complement the style and décor of your home or office. She can give you truly professional advice about how to display your beautiful new fine art pieces in ways that will make any room, lounge, or office look as if you hired an interior designer (because you did). She also is a licensed real estate agent.

~ A Customer