How to plan ahead for Thanksgiving

150 150 Hillary Lachman

Let’s be honest… Thanksgiving week can be such a blessing but also such a stressful time. You have the kids off of school (hooray!) but you still at work (seriously what do you do with them during those days?!)… you have company coming into town, or you are planning your dishes for Thursday… (reminding myself to jump back onto my pinterest board to find something to make!)… you get the house all clean (yes!) then because the kids are off school, they make a ginormous mess with their Shopkin toys or millions of art supplies <cough>MYHOUSE<cough>… it’s a struggle I tell you.

So, how can we maybe prepare ahead of time?

1. Spend time planning out your menu on pinterest. Get on pinterest and pin 1470920 dishes that look AMAZING that I will never ever cook in my life time… oh look- cute shoes! Oh wait… I need to pin that beautiful bedroom that is unrealistically clean.

2. Find fun activities to do with your family. Take advantage of the day off, disconnect from technology, and enjoy doing something together. Outside. You know…

3. Clean the house the week beforea few days before…. a day before….. the morning company will be coming to visit. (I can’t be alone here!)

4. Diffuse some amazing essential oils to help your kids & you chill out while you make your food… (yes I totally sell them and am addicted)

5. Remind the family that you will be taking a group picture together to wear nicer clothes. Assign someone else in the family to allow them to complain to about how much they don’t want to do a picture.

6. Charge your camera batteries the night before, clear off cards in your camera. Yes, I mean a real camera. Cell phone cameras are pretty dang amazing.. but honestly.. just not the same at all. Your instagram pictures of your food & selfies= cell phone is perfect. Pictures with your elderly grandparents and kids together=real camera.

And the most important step…

7. Enjoy the holiday with your family. Eat so much food you have no room for pie, and the MOST important thing….. take pictures (real ones) with your family. Next step.. BACK THEM UP & PRINT them.


Enjoy your holiday and all those left overs!