Happy Spring- San Diego Child Photographer

Hillary Lachman

I realized it had been a while since my last portrait session I did of my daughter. Like most photographers, I have a daughter who suffers from PPCS (Professional Photographer Child Syndrome)… I don’t even need to explain this because I am pretty sure you understand what it is at this point (especially if you are a professional or even a momtog.)

The last session I did of her was around October– right before she cut her own bangs (yes, thankfully she did them right after our holiday shoot) and they are FINALLY looking grown out. I took her to one of my new fav locations and got a few (it always is a huge challenge when she just wants to either do duck face, or she wants to completely act silly) but I did capture a bit of her personality.

Sometimes I look at her portraits and wonder what she will remember when she is older. Will she remember me doing shoots of her? Will she remember after I let her get a cake pop as a HUGE special treat? Will she look back and love the portraits or want to kill me for always having the camera on her?

Anyway.. here are a few. Love this girl more than anything 🙂 <3

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