Just a ton of cute newborns! – San Diego Newborn Baby Photographer

Hillary Lachman

Know how you have something on your bucket list you want to do and you keep putting it off over and over and then one day (5 years later) the opportunity pops up for you to cross that item off your list? Ya, that’s me. After I started my business I had started saving money to go to one of *the* best newborn photographer’s workshops. I REALLY wanted to go SO bad! I had finally saved up the money, and then it was just put on the back burner for me. I had established business and couldn’t really find the time to go away for a few days to Nebraska for it (can we say excuses and fear?)… then Kelly announced she was doing a workshop in Glendale! This is about 2.5 hours away from me… YES! Omg! YES!! Bam- I booked it and went a few weeks ago to it.

Kelley is amazing. She definitely is a master of her craft. I am so thankful she shared such wonderful information with us… it was well worth going to. If you are debating going to one of her workshops, please go.

These poses were set up by Kelly & her sister Tracy, and they were composed & shot by me.

Love love love!

PS remember this SATURDAY is the YOUR NATURAL BABY FAIR! If you haven’t heard yet– this is the BEST baby expo in san diego!!! You can come see my booth!