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I have a special place in my heart for grandparents… I am pretty jealous of those whose grandparents were able to be at their weddings, birth of their children, and just around to enjoy life with them. My grandparents all passed away a long time ago and I was pretty close with my maternal grandmother (named our daughter after her) who passed away when right before I got engaged…. I love seeing my parents and my inlaws interact with our daughter and see that they are close… it just makes me warm inside knowing that Lilly is so close to them and they have this special bond.

Ok enough of my own personal sappiness, how does this relate to you? For one thing, in this digital age, there are not many memories that children will be left with once those cd’s all die containing your pictures. Then what? How will they show their kids who their great grandma and grandpa were? I am just as guilty with my own personal pictures… they sit on cd’s and the harddrive (backed up!) and wait for me to do something with them!  The shoemakers kid has no shoes, right? 🙂

Do something nice for this Grandparents Day (September 12th)… schedule your session in the studio which will celebrate grandparents… the love they have for their grandkids, the bond the kids have with them… I know grandparents– all they want is pictures of them WITH their grandkids.

Due to the size of my studio, I am only able to hold a maximum of 2 grandparents and up to 3 grandchildren. The session includes 2 grandparents and 1 grandchild. Please contact me in terms of rates for adding on others. Would you like the whole family to have a session? We can schedule that instead of this and it will be on-location.  This session also includes an 8×10 art print but additional products will be available at your ordering session if you wish.
Remember sessions MUST be reserved– there are no walk ins available. Please use the “contact” section on the main website to inquire!

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