It’s a new year…a new beginning…..

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WOW is all I can say….
I just got back last night from one of the best weekends of my life (minus those when I was younger and when I got married…). I attended for the first time the Digital Wedding Forum convention in Tampa, Fl. From Friday to Monday we were given SO much information on how to grow our businesses, tips, techniques, children’s photography information, wedding photography information, concepts, inspiration and so much more. One of my favorite seminars was by the amazing photographer Lena Hyde whom is SUCH an inspiration. She is creative, smart and so business savvy. I learned SO much in that 90 minutes about how I should be doing things in my business and how things should be going. I also had the same from the amazing Tamara Lackey. If I sat here and wrote everything I learned, I would be typing for days and not to mention you all don’t care so much!
There was more to it then just the children’s photography. The wedding information and skills I have picked up… wholy moly! I am so excited to go out and shoot my next wedding and blow you all away with my talent 🙂

Here are some upcoming changes I have made to the studio in order to keep up with my competition:

  1. Price increase. It has to happen. I am talented and produce amazing pictures that you will hold onto for life. In order to continue to produce the work I desire, there was a slight increase.
    1. Weekday sessions are $185. and weekend sessions are $225. I have added back on online viewing and ordering ONLY if requested.
    2. Weddings: I have created 3 packages and they begin at $2350. I have taken away hourly at this point unless someone requests it. I will also travel for your wedding.
    3. Print rates: After knowing the amount of work that goes into ordering, packaging, delivering, etc., I have upped the print rates. They are still affordable don’t worry!
  2. Viewing sessions: For weddings and family/children sessions, you will receive 10% off your entire print order for what you order and pay for at the viewing session. This can save some good money!
  3. Traveling: I will be selecting a few cities to visit this year and will be scheduling portrait sessions! Email me if you are interested… if you want me to come to your city and help find at least 4 families/children to photograph, I will give you a very VERY generous discount on your session 🙂

I hope you all understand! Keep in mind, if you have purchased a year of portraits or already sent in your retainer for your wedding, your rate does not change! This is for anything not already scheduled.
I was going to post the links for all the amazing photographers I met. But seriously after like 10 of them I realized I can’t fill the whole blog with everyone it was taking FOREVER! If you need a photographer recommendation in another city, please let me know and I have a name to 2.

Thanks again for a GREAT 2007 I appreciate you ALL!
Here’s to an AMAZING 2008!!!!!

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